TUARC has an Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) station. APRS is an Amateur Radio based system for real time tactical digital communication of information of immediate value. All information is sent to the APRS Internet System for global distribution. In addition to messages and bulletins, APRS also uses a map display. An object or information is placed on the map and distributed to all maps of all users in the local Amateur Radio network or via the Internet. Any Amateur Radio station or object that has an attached global positioning system (GPS) device is automatically tracked. Other map features include weather stations, alerts and messaging. The TUARC object is a schoolhouse for its fixed position as a school or college station.

The standard frequency of operation in North America is 144.39 MHz using 1.2 or 9.6 kb/sec audio frequency shift keying (AFSK). The APRS station consists of a Kenwood TM-241A 2 meter transceiver and a Timewave PK-96 terminal node controller (TNC). The TNC executes the Amateur Radio developed AX.25 data transmission protocol autonomously. A station PC is only used for initialization and the display of messages and a map of the APRS activity in the region. TUARC is a continuously available digital repeating station or digipeater and provides a clear path for APRS transmission inside and outside the region.

Google map of local APRS activity, APRS station

Stations heard and active display of APRS activity