Sujith Ravi, Associate Professor  CV


Chong Seok Choi (Graduate Student, PhD Geosciences)
(BS,  Oregon State University)
Research Project:  Environmental impacts of renewable energy development  and opportunities to colocate solar-energy and agriculture in tropical areas.



Natalie Thomas (Graduate Student, MS Geology)
(BS, West Chester University)
Research Project: Can managed grazing improve soil quality and carbon sequestration at solar photovoltaic sites?


Ganesh Khatei (Graduate Student, PhD Geosciences)
(MS, Manipal University, India)
Research Project: Soil salinization and soil erodibility



Matthew Raabe (Graduate Student, MS Geology CV (BS, Towson University, MA) Research Project: Biochar application in storm water control measures 



Lucy Archibald (NSF GEO-REPS  2022-2023) Undergraduate Researcher, Geology)
Research Project: Hydraulic implications of soil salinization in urban and agricultural soils.



William Schenk (Undergraduate Researcher BS Applied Mathematics/Data science)
Research Project: Solar energy, Environmental sensors



Rebecca Bertel (Undergraduate Researcher ES, NSF -undergraduate research experience)
Research Project:



Elizabeth Towner (Frances Velay Fellow, Undergraduate Researcher ES)
Research Project:






William Burger (Graduate Student, MS 2019 ) now Geologist II at Tetra Tech, PA

Rosa Peronace (2020, Undergraduate Researcher ES), Environmental Scientist, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, DE

Dellena Bloom (2020-2021, Undergraduate Researcher ES), now PhD student at University of Florida, Gainesville.

Alexander Cagle (2017-2018, Undergraduate Researcher ES) now PhD student at University of California, Davis

David Dukes (Graduate Student, MS, Fall 2017) now PhD student at Stony Brook University, New York.

Howell Gonzales, Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2017), STEM teacher, Prince George’s County Public Schools, MA.

Joanna Freedman (Frances Velay Fellow 2017,Undergraduate Researcher, ES)

Chana Sara Elias (2016-2018)

Branimir Trifunovic (2017, Undergraduate Researcher, ES)  now graduate student at University of Delaware

Thomas Plaskett (2019, Undergraduate Researcher ES), Field Technician at Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc, PA

Stuart Olshevski (2015-2016, Undergraduate Researcher, ES) now intern at American Conservation Experience – EPIC program, WA

Jessica Dunlap (2019, Undergraduate Researcher ES), GIS Analyst at City of Philadelphia, PA