AGU23 Presentations

This week our research group joined ~27K attendees from around the world for the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco. Our group contributed to 11 presentations/abstracts and organizing two sessions in Hydrology and Global Environmental Change sections. Incredibly proud of all our students !


H13J-1576 Internal feedback mechanisms driving shrub-grass dominance: from shrub encroachment to exotic grass invasions in North American deserts. Sujith Ravi

ED11C-0773 Developing an Inclusive Learning Community Focused on Agrivoltaic Research: Sofia Taboada

H13J-1571 Salinity and soil water retention: The compounding effects of osmotic and matric potential: Lucy Archibald


GC211-1039A Global Synthesis of Multi-use Solar Energy Projects: Synergies and Tradeoffs: Caroline Merheb

GC211-1049 Multi-year field study on the impacts of managed sheep grazing on soil health at solar energy sites: Natalie Thomas

GC211-1045 Evaluating the environmental co-benefits and tradeoffs of urban agrivoltaics in Philadelphia: Cara Rydzewski

GC21I-1048 Multi-Year Analysis of Physical Interactions between Solar PV Arrays and Underlying Soil-Plant Components in Vegetated Utility-Scale Systems: Chong Seok Choi


GC53J-0936 Preferential Emission of Microplastics from Biosolid-applied Agricultural Soils: Field Evidence and Theoretical Framework: Dona Jamie Leonard,

A53N-2465 Wind Erodibility and Particulate Matter Emissions of Dry Salt-Affected Soils Under Diverse Atmospheric Humidity Conditions Ganesh Khatei

EP53C-1678Salinity Effects on Soil Surface Erodibility and Dust Emissions: Robert S Van Pelt

Session on Monday
H12C – Advances in Ecohydrology of Water-Limited Environments 
(Co-organized by S. Ravi)

Session on Tuesday
GC211- Dual-Use Renewable Energy and Agrivoltaics for Climate-Resilient Landscapes and Food-Energy-Water Security
(Co-organized by Chong Seok Choi )

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