Undergrad publication – Trifunovic et al. (2018)

Interesting paper by Branimir (Undergraduate research assistant, BS Environmental Science 2017)

Large‐scale application of biochar has been promoted as a strategy for improving soil quality in agricultural and contaminated lands, as biochar has the potential to alter soil physical and biogeochemical properties. Biochar at different concentrations has been shown to have inconsistent effects on soil hydrological properties, yet the cause of the inconsistency is not well understood. Trifunovic et al., investigated the relative roles of biochar size and concentration on hydraulic properties of a model geomedia.

Congrats Branko ! Branimir is currently a graduate student (Department of Plant & Soil) at the University of Delaware



Trifunovic, B., Gonzales, H.,  S. Ravi, and B. Sharratt (2018), Dynamic effects of biochar concentration and particle size on hydraulic properties of biochar – amended sand, Land Degradation & Development29(4), 884-893 [Wiley, IF: 9.8]

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