Why I don’t record my lectures

Enough said:

Concordia University Student Finds Out Professor Was Teaching Course Posthumously

The Verge  (2/4, Chin) reports that “three weeks into his online class on art history, Concordia University sophomore Aaron Ansuini had a question about one of the recorded lectures.” He “combed through Concordia’s portal, but couldn’t find his professor’s contact information. So he Googled his name – François-Marc Gagnon – and found an obituary.” At first, Ansuini “thought it might be a coincidence.” Further Googling “revealed a more disturbing truth.” In March 2019, “over a year prior to the start of Ansuini’s course, Gagnon had passed away.” When “registering for the class, he’d received no indication that Gagnon was teaching posthumously.” The syllabus “named a different professor as the official instructor, but stated that Gagnon would deliver the lectures – an arrangement not uncommon for Concordia classes.” All email communication had “come, unsigned, from a ‘do-not-reply’ address. For the first three weeks, Ansuini had assumed those emails were from Gagnon.”

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