Featured Projects:

AR postcards:

  • Love, L by Leah Gutowski
  • Reprogramming Lifestyles by Samantha Paul
  • The Wave of Photography by Destinee Perry
  • Black Youth Experience During a Pandemic by Destinee Perry



AR projects in various forms:

Tristan's Story


Curatorial Statement:

This year, our E-is-for-Emergent category highlights work created with augmented reality. These featured projects were created in MSP 4541: Mobile Media with Dr. Adrienne Shaw and Prof. Laura Zaylea, and MSP 4741/8741: Emergent Media Production with Prof. Laura Zaylea. The Mobile Media students were tasked with creating a set of augmented postcards, and forming a stylistic connection between the mobile text object and the augmented content. Students were asked to use their creative design work to “comment upon where you are or where you wish you could be.” The projects demonstrate a range of approaches, from Leah Gutowski’s more traditional postcard model to Samantha Paul’s merging of digital and physical mobile media forms within each postcard. Destinee Perry’s two projects use photography to bring experiences and stories to life, showing how AR technologies can enhance users’ experiences of media objects. In Emergent Media Production, students were asked to carefully consider what type of object or media form they would like to design and augment. The projects highlighted here include a children’s book designed by Kaz Long, a poster series designed by Nick Shadle, and a memory book designed by Huiming Yang.

All of these projects are augmented with an app called ARtivive. To experience these projects, please download the app (it’s free!), download the images, scan images with ARtivive, and enjoy! You can also see the documentation videos to see how each project is meant to be experienced.


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