Faculty Research

Van Aken research investigates the potential of using the halophilic microalga, Dunaliella salina, for the treatment of hydraulic fracturing wastewater. D. salina was shown to efficiently remove toxic metals while accumulating high level of cellular lipids.

Terry, Grandstaff, Davatzes Group: Studies the distribution and geologic controls on the source, movement, and longevity of heavy metals in Philadelphia Soils in coordination with the City Parks and Recreations, EPA, and Forest Service.

Technical Capabilities

– Chemical and Mineralogical Analysis
– Mapping, surveying, and GIS development, including soil coring and GPR mapping
– Soil Analysis
– Analysis of spatial statistics

Recent Publications

  1. The Geologic, Geomorphic and Geographic Controls on Lead and Other Heavy Metals in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park Soils.
    Peterson, S. Terry, D., Grandstaff, D., Davatzes.
    ASA, CSSA, and SSA International Annual Meetings, Tampa, FL, USA, November 3-6, 2013.



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