Jaeseon ‘Ellen’ Kim

Jaeseon ‘Ellen’ Kim

Ellen was born in Seoul, South Korea. She moved to the United States to gain life experience and education when at the age of fourteen. In 2010, Ellen matriculated in Temple University as psychology major. Science – especially chemistry – attracted her into taking more science related courses and eventually transferring to the College of Science and Technology. She changed her major to biochemistry major.

Ellen seized an opportunity to join Borguet Group and was assigned to study study-molecule conductivity. She looked forward to learning more about science and maturing not only as an individual adult, but also as a researcher from Dr. Borguet, the graduate students, and her undergraduate colleagues.

Ellen was awarded the Diamond Research Scholars grant by the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies for the project titled “Single-molecule conductivity of a metal coordinating molecular switch.” March 2013.

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