Pink Flags of Progress

This fall pinks flags have been popping up around the Arboretum. The infestation began towards the end of summer in early September and just recently came to an end. This was an infestation of some pink flags of progress.

Each of the pink flags represents a plant or grouping of plants that was newly installed this fall. The pink flags indicate they are freshly planted while alerting the Arboretum staff and student workers of the need for watering these plants on a regular basis.

Sometimes seeing pink flags around a property, especially a treasured landscape like the Arboretum, can cause alarm and questions about development and construction or underground utilities. But in this case, these are pink flags of plantings.

Nearly 1000 plants were added to arboretum displays and collections through the season. Perennials, shrubs and trees were planted in gardens throughout the 187 acres.

Some of the highlights are:

Oxydendrum arboretum – Sourwood

Parrotia persica ‘Vanessa’ – Vanessa Persian Ironwood

Ilex ‘Red Beauty’ – Red Beauty Holly

The development of an area near West Hall features plants in the Theaceae family:

Stewartia koreana – Korean Stewartia

Franklinia alatamaha – Franklin Tree

Now the shade house is (nearly) empty of plants destined for the Arboretum displays and we are spending winter planning what we can add next.

And as for those pink flags? They will be replaced in the spring with 3-D printed bright blue raindrops made of sustainable filament, less alarming and a bit more sublte than the pink flags of progress.

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