April Showers Bring…. May Showers

The author – puddle jumping

I love a good puddle jump as much as the next person. I am also fully aware, as I am sure you are too, that we need rain for the flowers to grow and for our trees to thrive. But it has been tough keeping a positive attitude about all of this rain.

The fuzzy leaves of Lady’s Mantle Alchemilla mollis collect rain drops.

We seem to be stuck in a pattern of Thursday – Sunday rain of some sort. It is true that this is a change from last year’s Tuesday then Saturday/Sunday weekly rain events.

Stunning when dry, these tulips glisten in the rain

We have had to cancel or reschedule many events and programs because of the weather over the last few seasons.  The weeds still grow and thrive. It seems you can just settle in next to a small spot of soil and watch them emerge they are coming up so quickly. And though cloudy and even rainy days make for some beautiful photos, folks tend to stay in on these dreary days.

The waxy leaves of Barrenwort (Epimedium) gather rain.

Some positives. Those photos – who does not love the water drops on foliage and gleaming flower shots?

And our garden renovations in progress are well-watered.

Male cones and the needles of Japanese Red Pine (Pinus densiflora) on a rainy morning.

And this cooler, cloudy weather has meant a prolonged floral display thus far this spring. Dogwoods, cherries, magnolias, horse chestnuts, hawthorns, redbuds all seem tohave kept their flowers longer than usual ensuring bright spots on the grayest of days.

Variegated Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum odoratum ‘Variegatum’)

As always, I am here on my soapbox, especially during this dreary beginning to National  Public Gardens week, to let you know gardens are beautiful places ot visit in all weather.

After all, what other time will you be able to capture those dramatic drops on the leaves reflecting the world around you in a way you’ve never seen? Put on your raincoat and come visit!

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