A Late Winter Walk

Pollen on Mt. Aso Pussy Willow catkins

Each season I offer a mid-week walk around the arboretum for anyone interested in seeing what is going on.  From interesting seed pods and galls to flowers in all colors, here are the finds from today’s March 1, 2018 late-winter walk around.

The fuzzy flower buds of Saucer Magnolia

The red flowers of Red Rocket Red Maple

Marsescence on American Hop Hornbeam

The gall of Cedar Apple Rust on an Eastern Red Cedar

Sweet Gum Fruits on the Woodland Garden Pathway

Winter Aconite

Spider egg casings

No matter when you choose to visit the Arboretum there is something fascinating to see.  Upcoming Director’s Walks are scheduled for:

Spring: May 24 12:45 – Bright Hall Circle

Summer: July 26 – 12:45 – Bright Hall Circle

Autumn: October 17 – 12:45 – Bright Hall Circle

You can also find out what community programs, hikes, walks, tours, events we have going on each month by visiting our community events page.

See you in the gardens!



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