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Congrats to Matt on Q-Pro macrocycle paper

Congrats to Matt Hurley and the multi-disciplinary team of Temple researchers from the Schafmeister, Zdilla, and Baxter groups on this new manuscript describing Metal-Binding Q-Proline Macrocycles. As Matt shows in a companion theory paper (still in review, stay tuned), these highly-functionalizable molecules slowly pre-organize in the presence of cations to an all-trans amide conformation. Interestingly, a solid-state racemic crystal structure obtained by first author JD Northrup and team does NOT show all all-trans backbone, underscoring the need to model solution-state conformational properties.

Metal-Binding Q-Proline Macrocycles
Justin D. Northrup, Jesse A. Wiener, Matthew F. D. Hurley, Chun-Feng David Hou, Taylor M. Keller, Richard H. G. Baxter, Michael J. Zdilla, Vincent A. Voelz, and Christian E. Schafmeister
J. Org. Chem. 2021, 86, 6, 4867–4876

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