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Our Team

Recent proud moments…


The abstract for our Diamond Dogs study has been accepted by the ACCTA!

We are thrilled to see two of our undergraduate research assistants receive the LAURA grant at the beginning of the summer 2020 semester. Seniors Becca Grimes and Thomas Kelly were given a stipend for their work with the lab as well as a chance to present their research with Dr. Chen at the annual Liberal Arts Research Council reception in 2021.


Susan Murray being the only PhD student winning at the IGNITE Creativity Competition at ObesityWeek2017!

Diamond Dogs becoming an official Temple organization thanks to Annellyse Chan!

Jean Arlt rocking her Dissertation Prelim with flying colors!

Jean’s prelim meeting was described by one faculty member as the ‘most fun science’ to be ever had at a prelim meeting.

Melanie French joining us from Dr Philipe Fregni’s lab at Harvard Medical School &¬† Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Angelina graduating a year early, getting an internship at Northwestern, and publishing her dissertation paper before going on said internship

Kalina matching at Miami Children’s in Child Neuropsychology for internship, publishing her dissertation prior to going on internship and getting to bike past this every day to work.

Susan Murray winning an NSF fellowship!


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