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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if I qualify for a study?

Eligibility is determined by whether potential participants meet criteria for an eating disorder, reside within commuting distance to Temple University, and consent and agree to the research protocol. Other study-specific eligibility criteria may also apply. If you are interested in participating, please free to contact us either by phone at (215) 204-2645 or by email ( to find out more information about the on-going studies and see if you qualify.


  • How long are the in-person interviews?

Our initial in-person interviews typically take 1-2 appointments of approximately 3 hours each. Our psychobiological assessments typically take 1.5-3 hours but may depend on the nature of the study you are participating in.


  • Where can I learn more about eating disorders?

The following websites provide educational material on and resources for eating disorders:

National Eating Disorders Association:

Something Fishy:

Eating Disorders Hope:

National Institute of Mental Health:

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