An Employment-Based Field Education option is available for those students who would like to have their field placement at the agency where they work. The curriculum and learning objectives of the Employment-Based Field Education program are identical to those for “regular” placements. The pattern of field education, however, allows the student to continue employment while completing the field placement with assignments that are educationally appropriate and distinct from the employment experience.

A student who wants to pursue this option must submit a Proposal for an Employment-Based Field Education Placement to the Office of Field Education after completing the application for a field placement. All proposals are reviewed by Field Education staff; often a staff member will meet with the student and proposed field instructor to ensure that all criteria are met.

This document can be used to have a discussion with your potential Field Instructor about the roles and responsibilities involved.

Criteria for Employment-based proposals:

  • designated field placement activities meet the educational objectives and outcomes appropriate for the student’s program (see the Field Education manual);
  • documentation that the student is not a probationary employee (or that probation has been waived by the agency) and is an employee in good standing;
  • availability of release time for course work and field education (that meets the required hours);
  • fieldwork assignments differ from those associated with the student’s employment;
  • the proposed field instructor has an MSW plus 2 years experience (for MSW foundation and advanced students) or a BSW plus 2 years experience (for BSW students); and,
  • the proposed field instructor is not the student’s job supervisor and has been at the agency for at least 6 months.
  • the plan for field education must be educationally focused, not centered solely on agency services, and must meet the criteria that have been established for all of the School’s field placements.
  • the student must have completed the probationary period as an employee or provide documentation that the agency is waiving the probationary period.

Neither the student nor the agency should assume that the proposal will be approved automatically. Students should allow sufficient time to complete this proposal and field application, as employment-based placements typically take longer to process and assess. Consult the Field Education Manual for additional information on curriculum objectives, policies and procedures regarding employment-based internships. The Office of Field Education must speak with your employment supervisor and potential field instructor for the purpose of confirmation and signing the employment-based proposal form grants permission for us to speak with those parties.

After completing the Field application, proceed to the following step once you have discussed your plans with the Office of Field Education:

To complete the Employment-based Proposal download the blank document and then upload it to the Employment-based Proposal form