BSW Program

The BSW Senior Year Field Practicum provides learning opportunities in generalist social work practice.  Students are placed in agencies that can offer a full spectrum of social work experiences and support the BSW curriculum. The generalist requirement takes precedence over requests to work with specific populations or on specific issues.


The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Program prepares students to become entry level social workers who function in a variety of settings and use diverse practice methods. The preparation of generalist practitioners requires the integration of content from the liberal arts and the socio-behavioral sciences with the professional foundation areas of Social Welfare Policy and Services, Social Work Practice, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, and Social Research. Students also learn content in the following CSWE areas: Social work values and ethics, diversity and populations at risk, and social and economic justice. In addition, Temple University has instituted a core curriculum, the requirements of which must be met by all students.

The primary goal of the BSW program is to prepare entry-level, generalist social work practitioners committed to social work practice that ensures human rights and social, economic, and cultural rights for all. Graduates will understand the effects of structural inequities based on race, class, gender, or sexual orientation, as well as other forms of oppression and discrimination that present barriers to individual and collective growth, well-being, and the development of full potential. Graduates of this program will practice social work using the strengths perspective and establish partnerships with people to increase access to resources and power.

BSW Field Manual: BSW Field Education Manual 2018-19

Planning for this experience:

It is essential that students plan carefully for their field placements, particularly with respect to the mandated hours per semester, educational and supervision requirements.  The Office of Field Education expects that students with traditional hours of availability will be able to do their internships during the regular weekday, business hours. Extensive planning is required for students with non-traditional hours of availability. The field office will offer students suggestions of agency sites but strongly encourages students who work full-time to complete field placements in an organization that would qualify for an employment based placement or submit a self-referral form.

Options to complete your Field Practicum:


  • Field Department Placement: A Field Education Specialist will be assigned to locate a placement for your upcoming year based on the application. Student must have one full day or 2 half days available during the weekday to be eligible for this option.


  • Employment-Based: (Employment Based Proposal Information and application)
    • For students who would like to complete a field placement at their place of employment. The Employment Based-Proposal, completed in addition to the Field application, is due within 30 days of submitting the Field Application.


  • Student Self-Referral: (Self Referral Information and application
    • A student can independently contact an agency to solicit their own field placement including making inquiries to determine if an agency is interested in a student intern. Students who want to intern at a specific agency or who only have evening/weekend availability are required to complete a Self-Referral. The Self-Referral Form, completed in addition to the Field application, is due within 30 days of submitting the Field Application, after completing an interview with an agency.

BSW Time Requirements for Field Practicum:

  • BSW Senior students MUST attend their internships for a minimum of 15 or 16 hours per week
  • Field Practicum is two semesters long
  • Required 200 hours per semester
  • All students entering Field Practicum will be required to attend a Field Orientation prior to the beginning of their field practicum experience



Complete the BSW Field Practicum application