The Office of Field Education mandates that all students obtain the maximum clearances required by the state in which the practicum is located, as outlined by Castlebranch system. (Link to apply is below).

  • All students are required to obtain all clearances (including students completing their field practicum at their place of employment), prior to the start of the field practicum course or the student may be dropped from the course and pulled from the practicum.
  • A new set of clearances is required for ALL students each academic year.
  • CastleBranch is the third party vendor that has access to your records submitted. As such, The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that all students utilizing a third party vendor for confirming background checks and medical clearances sign a disclosure and authorization form. (Appendix I of the Field Manual)
  • If a student has a prior criminal record, or related concerns, they should disclose this to the Field Education Specialist (as soon as they are assigned to one) for purposes of planning during the placement process.
  • Each individual agency may request additional clearances for their specific site. Students must communicate with the agency directly for guidance around additional clearances required.

When to pull your clearances:

  • 90-120 days prior to start of your field practicum course

How to obtain your clearances:

Medical Records Information:

Each prospective field practicum site has its own policies and procedures on what records are required and how these records are handled. This may include additional items that Temple does not require. Many practicum sites, particularly those that are health-related, are requiring an updated immunization record and other medical verification, including urine screens, before beginning practicum.  Additional cost may be associated with this type of practicum which is the responsibility of the student. If a site lists specific health requirements needed, students will utilize CastleBranch to complete those health requirements.