Q: How do I know my Field Application has been received? 

A: Upon receipt of your application, the Field Application portal will generate an automatic Confirmation email to the email account you provided in your application. This simply indicates that your application has been received and the Field office will further contact you to follow up about next steps. Applications are processed in the order they are received.

Q: What is the Field Placement Process? 

A: Once all Field applications have been received, a Field Education Specialist will be assigned to you to help you through the field placement process. They may contact you to introduce them self and let you know what you need to do to secure a field practicum. They will send you a field practicum referral email containing the contact information of an agency where you will interview to secure a field practicum. Agencies have the right to accept or deny students following the interview. If accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from your Field Education Specialist.

Q: Can I be placed by the Field office while doing a self-referral to explore my options? 

A: You may only choose one Field practicum option at a time. If you choose to be placed by the Field Office, you may not simultaneously seek a Self-referral. Doing so would take up a valuable practicum site from other students who are waiting to be connected with an agency. On the other hand, if you choose to do a self-referral, the Field Office will not search for agencies on your behalf unless your self-referral is unsuccessful and you ask the Field Office to place you.

Q: Can I have more than one Field practicum referral to choose the one I like best? 

A: The field placement process is a highly competitive process between Temple University and other local Social Work programs. However, we do not allow Temple students to compete for practicum slots against other Temple students. As such, we send students on one interview at a time.

Q: Can I see a list of the practicum sites to explore my options? 

A: There is a tab in this portal called Current and Previous Field Practicum Sites for students to review for examples of sites. The information you provide in the Field Application helps this office find a good match based on the relationships we have with agencies. However, if you wish to pursue a self-referral, the Field Office encourages you to tap into your professional networks for suggestions of possible field practicum sites.

Q: I work full-time. Can I do my field practicum in the evenings and on weekends? 

A: There are a limited number of agencies with evening and weekend hours as most MSWs who supervise interns work Monday-Friday during daytime hours. If you cannot designate one full day or two half-days to your field placement, you must choose the Student Self-Referral option. Students can seek out agencies that can accommodate interns who need to do their internships outside the M-F 9-5 time frame. If you work in social service setting, it may be possible to complete internship hours at your agency; please explore the employment-based option in this case.

Q: Can I choose my own field practicum? 

A: Students may complete a Self-Referral Form for one or more agencies where they would like to be placed or which they have already contacted. This is not a guarantee that they will be placed at this agency. The agency must meet all requirements for partner agencies of Temple SSW and must provide an appropriate learning experience