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Getting Started in Field


One of the most important, and exciting, components of social work education are the field practica. Human service and social change agencies provide settings in which students are challenged and supported in the integration of theories and practice skills. The School of Social Work partners with hundreds of public and nonprofit organizations throughout the country in order to provide BSW and MSW students high quality field education experiences.

Field Practicum Placement Process:

Social work students work closely with Field Education Specialists in identifying placement sites appropriate to curriculum objectives, learning goals and individual interests. In most cases, the Field Education Specialist also serves as a liaison between the School of Social Work and the field placement agency during the academic year. Depending on the student´s particular situation, a new field placement site may be developed. Also, for students already working in a social service agency, it may be possible to design a field placement opportunity at that site.

Planning for this experience:

It is essential that students plan carefully for their field placements, particularly with respect to the mandated hours per semester, educational and supervision requirements.  The Office of Field Education expects that students with traditional hours of availability will be able to do their internships during the regular weekday, business hours. Extensive planning is required for students with non-traditional hours of availability. The field office will offer students suggestions of agency sites but strongly encourages students who work full-time to complete field placements in an organization that would qualify for an employment based placement or submit a self-referral form.

General Requirements and Information:

Clearances: All students are required to obtain clearances to start their field practicum each year.

Disability Resources and Services (DRS)

Temple University School of Social Work does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission or access to its programs and activities.  Accordingly, the School of Social Work will place its students in field education assignments based only on a student’s ability to perform the tasks of that assignment and will not discriminate with regard to placements on the basis of disability. The School of Social Work expects field education agencies to accept any student assigned by the School and to make reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of students with disabilities.  However, only students who are registered with Temple University’s Disability Resources and Services and receive an accommodation letter will be placed where that accommodation can be met. The School of Social Work will work with agencies to plan and make reasonable accommodation to student’s needs. * Please note that accommodation letters are not retroactive.

If you are in need of an accommodation please make an appointment with a coordinator the Disability Resources and Services Department for policies and procedures regarding accommodations related to disability or register hereYou can review additional information about Field Education and DRS here.