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Being part of the Temple Women’s Soccer Club

Hi y’all! My name is Andrea Jimenez from Lima, Peru and I came to Temple University to have a better future. The main reason for me being here is that I saw all the diversity of the school and in some way felt accepted and I appreciated all the resources Temple gives us. Being a Klein student has given me a lot of opportunities and involvement.  

One of the main things people told me was that I should put myself out there, so one huge thing you can do is simply sign up for clubs or organizations for different things you like. An example for me is that I love soccer. I’ve been playing since I was 7-years old and it is really what makes me feel at home. At Temple Fest when I saw the sign-up sheet, I immediately signed up for the try outs. I was so nervous about possibly not making it, but my family and friends kept telling me that I just need to be confident and believe in myself. I made it onto the team and so far, it is my greatest experience here.  

The girls are so sweet and more than a team for me, as we have become friends. Not only do we have the same passionate feeling for soccer, but we also tell each other gossip and jokes. I really like being part of the team. I met one of my best friends there. She is Hispanic so she can speak Spanish with me.  

Andrea playing soccer.

The team played on the weekends and trained on Mondays and Wednesdays. At first, we started a little out of focus because we all just met each other, but as the time passed, we all started getting more chemistry and played so well that we even made it to the regionals! Unfortunately, we couldn’t go because of the date and the team’s availability. I was so proud of all of us for the accomplishment of getting to regionals. It is a little sad because most of the girls are seniors or juniors so they will leave soon, but it was really nice meeting them.  

Now we are waiting for next season, and I hope to have new teammates. Getting the opportunity to play on a soccer team here is so peaceful for me. Sports in general are relaxing for me, I love physical activity and it makes me feel safe. Being on the field is like being back in Peru with my relatives or friends.  

Finally, I highly recommend that people join clubs or organizations, because you never know what could happen or where it could take you. With the team, I got the chance to visit places I’ve never heard of before. We went to Chestnut Hill here in Philadelphia and to Princeton in New Jersey. It was a great experience and at the road trips, my teammates are so enthusiastic. I am grateful for being part of the team. A lot of girls at the tryouts were very good. I’m sure if they try out again, they can make it. Being part of something always makes you feel safe, so get involved and put yourself out there! Temple has a lot to offer. 

Photos and article by Andrea Jimenez Wolf
Communications Studies major from Peru
#Why US Scholarship Winner

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