All About Me

Hi there! Welcome again for visiting my world!

Allow me to introduce,

I am a :

  1. Chinese girl!
  2. Chinese girl who play Chinese traditional music instrument for thirteen years!
  3. Chinese girl who loves singing!
  4. Chinese girl who loves dancing!
  5. Chinese girl who loves everything about music!

The reason I want to create this subject web pages is not only because I tend to share my own music experience and finding more people who having same hobby with me, but also I want more people from outside of China to know about our own traditional music instrument, to make more foreign people love Chinese culture!!!

Here it is my own instrument on the left! It is called Guzheng, I have been studying with her for thirteen years! And the lady on the right is my instructor/professor, she is a wonderful woman and has taught me so much… Thank you Miss Li!