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I is for Interactive and Immersive (2021)

Featured Projects:

Interactive narratives by Erin Phelan:

Immersive projects:

Curatorial Statement:

This year, we are celebrating both interactive and immersive video projects. Three projects by Erin Phelan demonstrate not only high-level creativity but also the possibilities of the interactive form with both plot-based and character-driven branching narrative as well as a movie that plays out in “parallel tracks” (where the viewer can make a choice at any time as the story unfolds). Erin also introduces her projects and shares advice for future interactive video producers┬áin this interview. These interactive video projects were created in MSP 3701: Genres of Media Production (Dynamic and Interactive Storytelling) with Prof. Laura Zaylea in Fall of 2021.

The three 360┬░ immersive videos featured here were created through a collaboration between Emergent Media Production (with Prof. Laura Zaylea) and Psychological Processing of Media (with Dr. Matthew Lombard) in Fall of 2021. Together, creative production teams and a student research team designed immersive videos guided by presence theory and then evaluated these videos in an original research study. This theory-production collaboration lead to three projects in the Fall of 2021: An immersive fashion show, a behind-the-scenes look at TUTV (Temple University Television), and a day at Philadelphia’s Laurel Hill Cemetery. The second two videos feature voiceovers that speak directly to the viewer, a strategy used to increase the sense of social presence felt through the video. Fashion show OPTICS does not include a voiceover, but it does include impressive sound design including original music composed by Dylan McGonigal. Enjoy!

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