Bronwyn Loskywitz

A conversation with Bronwyn Loskywitz,
MSP undergraduate student

Tell us about the work that you do. How did you get started with media production?

My work is primarily focused on video content and writing for media (whether that be screenplays, articles, or copywriting). From a fairly young age, I had a desire to create and tell stories but didn’t have the chance to explore making videos until I was about 13. I had an English teacher who allowed us to submit films as book reports and so I started creating and writing films. My interest only flourished from there and I began experimenting with screenwriting and creating student films with friends. But it wasn’t until I arrived at Temple that I started pursuing media production as a career path.

What are your goals as a media maker?

At heart, I’m a storyteller. I’d like my stories to entertain and inspire people to explore the world around them in ways unique to them. But the main goal of my video content is to highlight the ordinary aspects of life that often get overlooked but their value is still great. I also want to make content that’s widely accessible, thus I try to add closed captions to most if not all the video content I create.

What are one or two of your favorite projects and/or papers you have worked on using or related to emerging media technologies? 

My favorite, hands down, is my mobile video piece: “The Masked Adventures of Bronwyn Loskywitz.” It’s a vlog-style video that I tend to say is about everything and nothing as it explores one of my free days during a pandemic. The video was filmed using my phone and meant to mimic the quick cut, creative edit style of content often experienced on platforms like TikTok. It highlights the fun, seemingly meaningless tasks I do to stay sane and have fun while adjusting to a new normal.

 What was the most fun, interesting, and/or rewarding part of making this project? What were the biggest challenges?

Every project presents its own unique challenges in how to create content that keeps the viewer engaged, and that feels like it’s shorter than it actually is. In this case, my approach was that if I personally, as a viewer, didn’t find the finished product fun or cool, neither would my audience. I took the creative freedom from that and had a lot of fun exploring new and different types of editorial transitions and montage edit styles. But this fun aspect also presented some challenges. When using creative edits, transitions, etc., it makes it more noticeable for the audience when there are points that aren’t as crisp or concise.

“The beauty of emerging media technologies is their ability to provide us with a different way to tell stories and I think creators should lean into that.”

How does theory inform your creative practice?

I think that particularly when creating content for mobile communication platforms, it’s necessary to understand how this content is different from traditional media and how that shapes what an audience is looking for in the content they consume. For example, if you’re interested in creating content for a specific social media platform, understanding the uses and gratifications people on that specific platform are trying to satisfy, it can help you create content suitable for the audience’s wants.

What advice do you have for people looking to work with emerging media technologies? 

Experiment. The beauty of emerging media technologies is their ability to provide us with a different way to tell stories and I think creators should lean into that. It’s still such new and uncharted territory that I think it can sometimes be intimidating.  Look for inspiration in other emerging media content, find what you like, what you don’t like. Tailor it and put your own spin.

What do you hope an audience will take away from your work? 

I hope audiences take away a renewed appreciation for the “little things” in life. Aspects of mundane life can be fun and entertaining, even in some of the worst times. Things around us are constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep your footing, so taking a moment to appreciate the smaller things like having a solo dance party or spending the day outside can have the greatest impact.

What will you be working on next?

I’ll be entering my final semester in the fall and I’m excited to continue building on my past work and exploring different mediums and methods for creating new projects. I’m expanding on my writing craft, putting my ideas on paper, and building my screenwriting portfolio. I still have so many stories to share and I’m excited to find new ways to tell them.

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