Knockstead - Dreamland Map
Image from Dreamland by Sarah Knockstead

Featured Projects:

Curatorial Statement:

These two audio projects were created for MSP 4541: Mobile Media, co-taught by Dr. Adrienne Shaw and Professor Laura Zaylea in Fall 2020. The goal of these audio projects was to for a relationship between sound and the experience of being in – and moving through – a specific physical space and reflecting upon the objects within it. These two projects reflect the range of possible approaches to such a project, with Sarah’s creating an imagined dreamscape and Kerry’s taking listeners on a historical tour through the Wissahickon. Both successfully mix sound effects, field recordings, and voice work, to make listeners feel like they are there experiencing the spaces with the narrators. Both also create documentation videos that show how users might experience these projects, and have research papers that connect these projects well to broader themes and theories from the course.

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