Satoshi Nihonyanagi

Dr. Satoshi Nihonyanagi

Dr. Satoshi Nihonyanagi was born and raised in Sapporo, Japan. He studied science at Hokkaido University where he received a B.S. in 1999, his M.S. in 2001, and his PhD in 2004 for his work in Uosaki laboratory. His Ph.D. thesis was “Sum Frequency Generation Study on Molecular Structures at Solid/Liquid Interfaces.”

At Temple, he led the set-up of the Ultrafast Sum-Frequency Generation Spectrometer and co-authored 6 publications. He was awarded the PCCP Research Prize at the International Conference on Electrified Interfaces in June 2007 for his presentation on Ultrafast Interfacial Dynamics Research carried out at Temple. He returned to Japan to the RIKEN Institute a Molecular spectroscopy lab in Japan where he focuses nonlinear optical experiment of interfaces. In August 2014, Dr. Nihonyanagi was promoted to Permanent Research Scientist.

Dr. Nihonyanagi’s website can be found here.

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