Safiya Sylla

Safiya Sylla

I was born right here in Philadelphia, giving me the opportunity to fall absolutely in love with Temple University by the time I was deciding which college to attend in 2013; I consequently enrolled as a chemistry major. I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry upon graduating from Temple. Although I can’t pinpoint exactly what draws me to chemistry, I do know that I’m happiest learning about it and verifying concepts through experimentation.

For this reason, I was especially motivated to get involved in research early to allow me to explore the different areas of chemistry beyond the typical lab hours of a first-year chemistry major. I joined the Borguet Group in 2014 because with all the variety in the projects, I am bound to discover which topics in chemistry I am most interested in.

Safiya graduated with a B.Sc. in Chemistry in spring 2017. She is currently employed as an analytical chemist at Arkema and taking courses toward an M.Sc. in Chemistry at Villanova University.

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