Malika El Krymy

Malika El Krymy

I grew up in Nanterre, France. I completed my B.Sc. in Chemistry at the University of Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris 2011, followed by a Masters degree in Engineering Chemistry at UPMC in 2012. My principal research experience has been with Polyoxometallates. I spent 4 months with a team at UPMC working on grafting functionality on Keggin and Dawson’s polyoxometallates. I came to the US to pursue my dream of working in the field of organic chemistry. I’m extremely excited about the opportunity to learn more and to gain additional experience by participating in diverse research projects. In my opinion, it is extremely beneficial to work in an international environment. I really enjoy the challenge of new tasks.

I left the Nuclear world after 5 years to try the consulting on Lean Engineering for different fields (oil and gas, civil work, aeronautics, ..) for two years.

Now, I work for a new company and my job is to find a way to increase competitiveness among the group (as design to cost, design to value, voice of customer, …). The field is the Arms Industry and my clients are the Army of the world.

I was involved in a five-month-long internship program at Temple University doing research with the Borguet Group. I built upon my knowledge of surface chemistry while working in the sensor group.

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