Ayan Bhattacharyya

Ayan Bhattacharyya, bhattacharyya.ayan10@gmail.com

Ayan Bhattacharyya completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from St. Xavier’s College (Kolkata, India) and his Master’s Degree in Chemistry from University of Hyderabad (India). In 2014, he joined Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (Chennai, India) for his Ph.D. In his Ph.D., he primarily focussed on developing strategies for achieving a reduced rate of recombination in molecular systems. He also worked on design and synthesis of molecular systems exhibiting Aggregation-Induced Emission (AIE). In September 2019, he earned his Ph.D. degree. He also received the Institute Research Award from IIT-Madras.

In May-2020, he joined Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS) as a Research Associate and worked on halogen-bonded supramolecular systems. He arrived in the USA as a J-1 scholar in September-2021 and joined Southern Methodist University (SMU, Dallas) as a postdoctoral fellow. At SMU, he worked on the synthesis and characterization of novel metal nanoclusters.

Ayan Bhattacharyya did his postdoctoral research with Dr. Eric Borguet from September 2022 to July 2023. His research was primarily based on two projects: (i) Catalysis & (ii) Surface attachment of Spiro-oligomers. During his tenure, he participated in projects related to surface chemistry and catalysis. Currently, he works as a Project Consultant at Alien Technology Transfer (Hyderabad, India). Here, his primary role is to work as an innovation consultant, helping US-based startups obtain federal grants under the scheme of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR).

Besides research in Chemistry, Ayan is interested in Contemporary History and Thriller-novels. Ayan likes to hang-out with friends and spends most of his leisure-times listening to music or watching cricket.

Ayan Bhattacharyya’s CV

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