Aleksey Shubin

Aleksey (Alex) Shubin

I was born in Kremenchug, Ukraine. The economy of Eastern Europe caused my family to immigrate to Pennsylvania in the United States when I was 10 years of age. During my senior year at Northeast High School (here in Philadelphia), I was accepted into the Dual Enrollment Program offered by the partnership of five high schools and Manor Junior Catholic College. This allowed me to spend my senior year of high school taking college leveled Biology and Chemistry at Manor Junior College, Jenkintown, PA. After finishing my senior year at Northeast High School, I entered Temple University majoring in Biochemistry. I graduated in May, 2011.

I joined the Borguet Group in spring 2010, where I worked on a project titled “Covalent Attachment of Amine Groups to Carbon Nanopipettes (CNPs) via Electrochemistry.”


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