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Publications of Xifan Wu

Updated on 04/05/2024

76. Chunyi Zhang, Marcos Calegari Andrade, Zachary K Goldsmith, Abhinav S Raman, Yifan Li, Pablo Piaggi, Xifan Wu, Roberto Car, Annabella Selloni, “Electrical double layer and capacitance of TiO2 electrolyte interfaces from first principles simulations”, Submitted (2024). (PDF)

75. Fujie Tang, Kefeng Shi, and Xifan Wu, “Exploring the Impact of Ions on Oxygen K-Edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy in NaCl Solution using the GW-Bethe-Salpeter-Equation Approach“, The Journal of Chemical Physics 159, 174501 (2023). (PDF)

74. Chunyi Zhang, Shuwen Yue, Athanassios Z. Panagiotopoulos, Michael L. Klein, and Xifan Wu, “Why dissolving salt in water decreases its dielectric permittivity“, Physical Review Letters 131, 076801 (2023) . (PDF) Featured news in Science magazine “Water’s ability to resist an electric field decreases as salinity increases” (2023).

73. Wenfei Li, Qi Ou, Yixiao Chen, Yu Cao, Renxi Liu, Chunyi Zhang, Daye Zheng, Chun Cai, Xifan Wu,
Han Wang, Mohan Chen, and Linfeng Zhang, “DeePKS + ABACUS as a Bridge between Expensive Quantum Mechanical Models and Machine Learning Potentials”, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 126, 9154-9164 (2022). (PDF)

72. Fujie Tang, Xifan Wu, “Theoretical X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Liquid Water Using First-Principles Calculations”, Chapter One in Book of Properties of Water from Numerical and Experimental Perspectives CRC Press, 19 October (2022).

71. Renxi Liu, Chunyi Zhang, Xinyuan Liang, Jianchu Liu, Xifan Wu, and Mohan Chen, “Structural and Dynamic Properties of Solvated Hydroxide and Hydronium Ions in Water from Ab Initio Modeling”, The Journal of Chemical Physics 157, 024503 (2022). (PDF)

70. Fujie Tang, Zhenglu Li, Chunyi Zhang, Steven G. Louie, Roberto Car, Diana Y. Qiu, and Xifan Wu, “Many-Body Effects in the X-ray Absorption Spectra of Liquid Water”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 119, e2201258119 (2022). (PDF)

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67. Chunyi Zhang, Fujie Tang, Mohan Chen, Jianhang Xu, Linfeng Zhang, Diana Y. Qiu, John P. Perdew, Michael L. Klein, and Xifan Wu, “Modeling liquid water by climbing up Jacob’s ladder in density functional theory facilitated by using deep neural network potentials”, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 125, 11444-11456 (2021). Selected as cover of the journal. (PDF)

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65. Jianhang Xu, Zhaoru Sun, Chunyi Zhang, Mark DelloStritto, Deyu Lu,  Michael L. Klein, and Xifan Wu, “Importance of nuclear quantum effects on the hydration of chloride ion”, Physical Review Materials (Letters) 5, L012801 (2021). (PDF)

64. Jianhang Xu, Chunyi Zhang, Linfeng Zhang, Mohan Chen, Biswajit Santra, and Xifan Wu, “Isotope effects on molecular structures and electronic properties of liquid water via deep potential molecular dynamics based on SCAN functional”, Physical Review B 102, 214113 (2020). ( PDF).

63. Shanshan Yang, Mohan Chen, Yudan Su, Jianhang Xu, Xifan Wu*, and Chuanshan Tian*, “Stabilization of hydroxide ions at the interface of a hydrophobic monolayer on water via reduced proton transfer”, Physical Review Letters 125, 156803 (2020). (PDF)

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61. Jianqing Guo, L. Zhou, A. Zen, A. Michaelides, Xifan Wu, E. Wang, L. Xu, and J. Chen, “Hydration of NH4+ in Water: Bifurcated Hydrogen Bonding Structures and Fast Rotational Dynamics”, Physical Review Letters 125, 106001 (2020). ( PDF).

60. Linfeng Zhang, Mohan Chen, Xifan Wu, Han Wang, Weinan E, and Roberto Car, “Deep neural network for the dielectric response of insulators”, Physical Review B 102, 041121(R) (2020). (PDF)

59. Hongwei Wang, Fujie Tang, Pratikkumar Dhuvad, and Xifan Wu, “Interface enhanced functionalities in oxide superlattices under mechanical and electric boundary conditions”, npj Computational Materials (review) 6, 52 (2020). (PDF)

58. Hsin-Yu Ko, Junteng Jia, Biswajit Santra, Xifan Wu, Roberto Car, and Robert A. DiStasio, Jr. Enabling Large-Scale Condensed-Phase Hybrid Density Functional Theory Based Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics. 1. Theory, Algorithm, and Performance, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 16, 3757 (2020). (PDF)

57. Fujie Tang, Xuanyuan Jiang, Hsin-Yu Ko, Jianhang Xu, Mehmet Topsakal, Guanhua Hao, Alpha T. N’Diaye, Peter A. Dowben, Deyu Lu, Xiaoshan Xu, and Xifan Wu, Probe Ferroelectricity by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy in Molecular Crystal, Physical Review Materials 4, 034401 (2020) (PDF)

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51. Zhaoru Sun, Lixin Zheng, Mohan Chen, Michael L. Klein, Francesco Paesani, and Xifan Wu, Electron-hole theory of the effect of quantum nuclei on the X-ray absorption spectra of liquid waterPhysical Review Letters 121, 137401 (2018). (PDF)

50. Daesu Lee, Hongwei Wang, Brenton A. Noesges, Thaddeus Asel, Jinbo Pan, Qimin Yan, Leonard Brillson, Xifan Wu, and Chang-Beom Eom, Identification of a functional point defect in SrTiO3,  Physical Review Materials 2, 060403 (R) (2018). (PDF)

49. Lixin Zheng, Mohan Chen, Zhaoru Sun, Hsin-Yu Ko, Biswajit Santra, Pratikkumar Dhuvad, and Xifan Wu, Structural, Electronic, and Dynamical Properties of Liquid Water by ab initio Molecular Dynamics based on SCAN Functional within the Canonical EnsembleThe Journal of Chemical Physics 148, 164505 (2018). (PDF)

48. Mohan Chen, Lixin Zheng, Biswajit Santra, Hsin-Yu Ko, Robert A. DiStasio Jr., Michael L. Klein, Roberto Car, and Xifan Wu, Hydroxide diffuses slower than hydronium in water because its solvated structure inhibits correlated proton transfer, Nature Chemistry 10, 413 (2018). See News and Views in Nature Chemistry, Sticky when wet and News in Chemistryworld by Royal Society of Chemistry, Simulations solve 200-year-old ionic mystery of water.

47. Huaze Shen, Mohan Chen, Zhaoru Sun, Limei Xu, Enge Wang and Xifan Wu, Signature of the hydrogen-bonded environment of liquid water in X-ray emission spectra from first-principles calculations,  Frontiers of Physics 13, 138204 (2018). (PDF)

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Undergraduate Research Publications

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