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Voelz Lab crushes BPS meeting in San Diego!

The Voelz Lab made an unprecedented showing at the 64th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society in San Diego last week, with eight of us attending! Congratulations to everyone on their presentations! It’s very exciting to see all of the great science coming out of our lab.


  • “BICePs 2.0: new tools for Bayesian Inference of Conformational Populations from Theory and Experiment”. Yunhui Ge, Robert M. Raddi and Vincent A. Voelz
  • “Efficient estimation of binding kinetics using scaled non-bonded interactions and harmonic restraints”. Yunhui Ge and Vincent A. Voelz
  • “Using Molecular Simulation to Understand the Role of Conserved Residues in an Extremophilic Beta-galactosidase”. Shahlo Solieva and Vincent A. Voelz
  • “Markov State Model approach to estimating rates and mechanisms of VSL12 peptide to Src-family kinase SH3 domains”.
    Robert M. Raddi and Vincent A. Voelz
  • “Binding of MDM2 inhibitors via Biased Sampling and Multi-Ensemble Markov Models.” Matthew F. D. Hurley and Vincent A. Voelz
  • “Improved estimates of folding stabilities and kinetics from Multiensemble Markov Models”. Si Zhang and Vincent A. Voelz
  • “FOX01 transcription factor folding landscape elucidates the role of disease mutations”. Dylan Novack, Lei Qian†, Richard H. G. Baxter†, and Vincent A. Voelz

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