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Series Character Bios


Dee Kohl (20) – Whip-smart, pretty, with a reckless streak that gets her – and everyone around her – into trouble. A programmer at the top secret Philadelphia Computing Section (PCS).

Addie Kohl (25) – Dee’s older sister. Willowy, shy, conservative. A math checker at PCS. Has a long-standing crush on neighborhood boy, MICAH FELDMAN.

Grace Newsome (30) – The only African American recruited for the program. Has a master’s degree in mathematics, very rare for the times. With a husband serving with the Tuskegee Airmen, she’s politically quick and socially fearless. Has a five-year-old son, HEZEKIAH.

Brita Yager (19) – An Iowa farm girl and a real tomboy. Math is her ticket out of the cornfield. Discovers a secret attraction to another girl at PCS, MARY REID.



Judith Neufeldt Kohl (52) – Dee and Addie’s mother, and neighborhood matriarch. Runs her home as a boarding house for the Rosies. Small but commanding – a widow with a son serving overseas. German-Jewish American, deeply involved in social and political issues.

Micah Feldman (26) – 4-F for nearsightedness, and deeply ashamed of it. Works as a liaison between the Rosies at PCS and the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Desperately wants to enlist.

John Schmidt (23) – Army Air Force pilot. Shot down in a night raid over southern France, now at Aberdeen, waiting to return to the air. Has a younger brother in the American Nazi party.

Lt. Dwight Dowling (42)– Army supervisor of PCS. Where women are concerned, he’s a man of his times, not ahead of them.

Patricia Dowling (38)– Supervisor and recruiter of the Rosies and a ballistics math instructor. She is also the wife of Lt. Dowling. Brilliant, funny, blunt, cigarette-smoking and Brooklyn tough.

Sam Pritzkoff (24)– Civil servant and grad student, working for Aberdeen Proving Ground, the ‘mechanic’ for the Differential Analyzer. The Rosies’ greatest ally in a male-dominated environment.