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Series Audiences

“Top Secret Rosies” is a fictional rendering of a true story of female empowerment and achievement in the areas of math, science and engineering that brings a fresh perspective to the popular WWII genre. The explosion of streaming services has resulted in remarkably varied entertainment programming, and “Top Secret Rosies” would be a notable addition to any service’s offerings while it would also serve the focused programming available through cable television.

The three top audiences for “Top Secret Rosies” are as follows:

People interested in computer/math/tech stories (STEM)

People interested in WWII stories

People interested in lost women’s history stories

The wide appeal of WWII era stories has proved to be remarkably consistent- whether through feature films (“Unbroken”, 2014; “Saving Private Ryan”, 1998 ) or television, (“Band of Brothers” HBO mini-series, 2001;  “Bomb Girls”, REELZ series, 2012-14) while stories exploiting the dramatic potential of science and technology subjects have also attracted large audiences (“Mr. Robot”, 2015-19; “The Bletchley Circle”, 2012-14 ).

“The Imitation Game”*, a critical and box office hit of 2014, demonstrates the wide appeal of historical dramas with a technology subtext and the box office success of “Hidden Figures”** (2016), a true story about African-American women scientists who worked for NASA in the 1950’s, are just two examples of projects embracing the creative and financial possibilities of combining female leads with STEM stories. “Top Secret Rosies” is a fictionalized telling of a true story of female empowerment and achievement, bringing a fresh perspective to the WWII genre.

* both films have grossed over $250 million in box office and sales

** In 2018 “Hidden Figures” was in development as a television series on Nat Geo