Volume 37, Number 1 (Fall 2022)


The Necessity of Moving from Biopiracy to Collaboration

Hayley Reed

The Case for a New “Public Body” Standard: The Future of State-Owned Enterprises Within the World Trade Organization

Zachary Bailey

A Site to See: Lessons from Canada and Australia for Implementing Government-Sanctioned Overdose Prevention Sites in the United States

J.J. Larkins

A Review of CITES’s Impact and Suggestions for Incremental Improvement

Jeremiah D. Clark

Making Victims Whole Again: Using Restorative Justice to Heal Hate Crime Victims, Reform Offenders, and Strengthen Communities

Livia Luan

Leveraging ASEAN’s Full Potential as a Regional Legal Mechanism: A Necessary Compromise to Achieve a Greener Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia

Nate Kraus

Volume 36, Number 2 (Spring 2022)


Introduction to Symposium on International Law and the Politics of History

Jeffrey L. Dunoff

Genealogy of a Battlefront

Natasha Wheatley

Who Owns the Critical Vision in International Legal History? Reflections on Anne Orford’s International Law and the Politics of History

Afroditi Giovanopoulou

Professional and “Amateur” Historians: Contribution to a Symposium on Anne Orford, International Law and the Politics of History

Kunal M. Parker

History and International Law: A Reappraisal of a Difficult Relationship

Morten Rasmussen

The Figure of the Lawyer in Orford’s International Law and the Politics of History 

Megan Donaldson

In Defense of International Law?

Francisco-José Quintana and Sarah M.H. Nouwen

Investment Law and its Others

David Schneiderman

Making Politics of History and International Law

Karen J. Alter

The Places In Between

Daniel Bodansky

The Contested Politics of History in International Law: A Reply to Anne Orford

Lauri Mälksoo

Journeys Through Space and Time While Reading International Law and the Politics of History, Found on a Palimpsest, Translated for You, the Reader

Harlan Grant Cohen

Historiography as Creative Constructivism? Anne Orford on the Criticism of International Legal Scholarship by Contextualist Historians

Oliver Diggelmann

International Law and the Politics of Interdisciplinarity

Jeffrey L. Dunoff

Not Just the Historians: Anne Orford’s Insights and the Suspicions between International Law and Philosophy

Steven Ratner

The Politics and Protocols of Interdisciplinary Encounters

Anne Orford