Volume 32, Number 1 (Spring 2018)

Notes & Comments

Foreword: The Boundaries of War
Rosa Brooks

The Categorical Imperative
Daniel Bodansky

New Rules or More Global Governance?
Margaret M. deGuzman

Not-War Everywhere:  A Response to Rosa Brooks’s How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything
Laura Dickinson

If War is Everywhere, Then Must the Law be Nowhere?
Alexander K.A. Greenawalt

The Influence of War; The War for Influence
Duncan Hollis

Humanitarianism as a Weapons System
David Luban

Time, Law, and Judgment
Zinaida Miller

Reforming the Pentagon:  Reflections on How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything
Mark Patrick Nevitt

The Legal Advisor Memoir as a Literary Form, and the Role of Law and Lawyers in a World Where Everything Has Become War
Mark Pollack

The War on Immigrants:  Changing Military Culture
Jaya Ramji-Nogales

The Military is Not Everything
Peter J. Spiro

The Importance of Professionalism:  Addressing Discrimination, Exporting Military Values, and Maintaining Civilian Ethics
Lesley Wexler


Volume 31, Number 2 (Fall 2017)


From the Hague to Timbuktu: The Prosecutor v. Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi; A Consequential Case of Firsts for Cultural Heritage and for the International Criminal Court
Daniel M. Cole

Innovative Product, Innovative Remedy: “Essential Facility” as a Compromise for the Antitrust Charges Against Google’s OneBox in the United States and the European Union
Nicholas Elia

Balancing Justice and Peace: A Historical and Hypothetical Exploration of Justice During Spain’s Post-Franco Transition From Dictatorship to Democracy
Christina Franzese

Increasing the Difficulty Level: China’s 2016 Mobile Game App Regulations, Another Restrictive Market Entry Barrier to Foreign Corporations
Michael Dean Krebs

What About the Clean Athletes? Refocusing International Sport’s Anti-Doping Approach Onto Equitable Remedies for Doping’s Victims, Particularly Clean Athletes from Developing Countries
Samantha Ramagano Myers

Rocks v. Islands: Natural Tensions Over Artificial Features in the South China Sea
F. Shannon Sweeney