Volume 15, Number 2 (Fall 2001)


Thwarting Terrorist Acts by Attacking the Perpetrators or Their Commanders as an Act of Self-Defense: Human Rights Versus the State’s Duty to Protect its Citizens
Emanuel Gross

An Ever Closer Union?: The Continuing Travails of the Peoples of Europe
Ian Ward

Notes & Comments

Resolution of Domestic Disputes Through Extra-Judicial Mechanisms in the United States and Asia: Neighborhood Justice Centers, the Panchayat, and the Mahalla
Kimberly A. Klock

Recent United States’ Interpretations of Article 13(b) of the Hague International Child Abduction Convention: We’re On the Right Road
Carrie Nelson

Reconciling Natural Law and Legal Positivism in the Deep Seabed Mining Provisions of the Convention of the Law of the Sea
Arcangelo Travaglini