Volume 16, Number 1 (Spring 2002)


Both Ends Against the Middle: European Integration, Devolution, and the Sites of Sovereignty in the United Kingdom
David Jenkins

Battered Immigrant Women Caught in the Intersection of U.S. Criminal and Immigration Laws: Consequences and Remedies
Hannah R. Shapiro

The Use of Palestinian Children in the Al-Aqsa Intifada: A Legal and Political Analysis
Justus Reid Weiner


The Hidden Gender of International Law
Hilary Charlesworth

Notes & Comments

The Sink that Sank the Hague: A Comment on the Kyoto Protocol
Zoya E. Bailey

Changing Immigration for Arabs with Anti-terrorism Legislation: September 11th Was Not the Catalyst
Adrienne R. Bellino

Havana Club Rum: One Step Back for U.S. International Trademark Policy
Joseph Bradica

United States, Germany, and South Africa: Constitutional Legislation and Judicial Decisions on Abortion—Testing Judicial Globalization
Sarah Davis

International Copyright Law: Is It Music to American Ears?
Heather Nehila

United States’ Tax Treatment for Foreign Sales Corporations
Misti L. Wetzel