Volume 15, Number 1 (Spring 2001)


“Procedural Weakness” of German Criminal Justice and its Unique Exclusionary Rules Based on the Right of Personality
Kuk Cho

Multidisciplinary Practices and the Public Interest: Is There a Possible Solution?
Ramon Mullerat, O.B.E.

Political Alternatives to NATO Expansion
Dr. Amos Perlmutter

Reverend Leon Sullivan’s Principles, Race, and International Law: A Comment
Henry J. Richardson, III

Notes & Comments

Foreign Evidence Gathering: What Obstacles Stand in the Way of Justice?
Mark K. Gyandoh

The General and His Shield: The Extradition Process Against General Pinochet Ugarte
Eamon C. Merrigan

Seeking Reparations in the New Millennium: Will Japan Compensate the “Comfort Women” of World War II?
Joseph P. Nearey

China’s Accession into the WTO: The Practice of International Bribery and the Issues It Presents for American Counsel Whose Clients are Doing Business Within the Confines of the Great Wall
Gregory C. Ott

Human Cloning: New Hope, New Implications, New Challenges
May Mon Post