Category: Volume 15

Volume 15, Number 2 (Fall 2001)


Thwarting Terrorist Acts by Attacking the Perpetrators or Their Commanders as an Act of Self-Defense: Human Rights Versus the State’s Duty to Protect its Citizens
Emanuel Gross

An Ever Closer Union?: The Continuing Travails of the Peoples of Europe
Ian Ward

Notes & Comments

Resolution of Domestic Disputes Through Extra-Judicial Mechanisms in the United States and Asia: Neighborhood Justice Centers, the Panchayat, and the Mahalla
Kimberly A. Klock

Recent United States’ Interpretations of Article 13(b) of the Hague International Child Abduction Convention: We’re On the Right Road
Carrie Nelson

Reconciling Natural Law and Legal Positivism in the Deep Seabed Mining Provisions of the Convention of the Law of the Sea
Arcangelo Travaglini


Volume 15, Number 1 (Spring 2001)


“Procedural Weakness” of German Criminal Justice and its Unique Exclusionary Rules Based on the Right of Personality
Kuk Cho

Multidisciplinary Practices and the Public Interest: Is There a Possible Solution?
Ramon Mullerat, O.B.E.

Political Alternatives to NATO Expansion
Dr. Amos Perlmutter

Reverend Leon Sullivan’s Principles, Race, and International Law: A Comment
Henry J. Richardson, III

Notes & Comments

Foreign Evidence Gathering: What Obstacles Stand in the Way of Justice?
Mark K. Gyandoh

The General and His Shield: The Extradition Process Against General Pinochet Ugarte
Eamon C. Merrigan

Seeking Reparations in the New Millennium: Will Japan Compensate the “Comfort Women” of World War II?
Joseph P. Nearey

China’s Accession into the WTO: The Practice of International Bribery and the Issues It Presents for American Counsel Whose Clients are Doing Business Within the Confines of the Great Wall
Gregory C. Ott

Human Cloning: New Hope, New Implications, New Challenges
May Mon Post