Volume 14, Number 2 (Fall 2000)


Freedom of Contract with Chinese Legal Characteristics: A Closer Look at China’s New Contract Law
Mo Zhang

Pinochet and the End of Immunity: England’s House of Lords Holds that a Former Head of State is Not Immune for Torture
Charles Pierson

Nigeria: The Need for an Effective Policy of Ethnic Reconciliation in the New Century
Philip C. Aka

Hegemonic and Centralized Political Party Systems: Undermining Egalitarian Principles of Federalism? A Cross-National Comparison of India, Mexico, and the United States
Robert Bejesky

Notes & Comments

Immigration Law: Criminal Penalties for Deported Aliens Who Illegally Reenter the United States–Hugo Roman Almendarez-Torres v. United States, 118 S.Ct. 1219 (1998)
Bindu Jacob

Much Ado About Noting: Problems in the Legal Translation Industry
Rose Kennedy

Recent Decision: Thomas Knight v. Florida; Carey Dean Moore v. Nebraska
Jennifer A. Padova

The Future of Spousal Abuse as a Gender-Based Asylum Claim: The Implications of the Recent Case of Matter of R-A-
Hannah R. Shapiro