From Gatekeepers To Gate Openers

That’s the title of an article I published about my thoughts on how librarians can create a unique user experience for their library. It appeared in the August/September 2009 issue of American Libraries. You can find the article here, but you’ll need to advance to page 50 in the online issue to read the article. I had a number of the ideas for the article brewing in my head for a while, but it wasn’t until I attended a presentation by Seth Godin, where he spoke about gateskeeper and gate openers. The article brings together a number of ideas that I’ve shared here at DBL – so for regular readers some of the AL article may be a bit familiar, but I hope you take a look anyway. If you do have any reactions to or thoughts about the article, please consider sharing them here.

5 thoughts on “From Gatekeepers To Gate Openers”

  1. Interesting title. I will read your article in a minute. But first a short comment.
    The title grabbed my attention and it made me immediately jump to a next step. From gatekeepers to gate openers to gate builders. Something to think about.
    (Little remark: Groding should be Godin.) Regards, T.

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