Another Design Thinking Video

You’ll recall the short screencast-type video presentation that I created about design thinking. I hope you took a look at it, and that it helped you develop a better understanding of design thinking. BusinessWeek recently issued their own video about design thinking – just a little more professionally designed and developed than my own. What’s great about this video is that it features brief interview segments with some top design thinkers, such as Roger Martin. Their insights into design thinking – and about the people who use this technique – also help to provide a better understanding of what it means. Martin sumarizes this general vagueness of design thinking when he comments that business leaders know they need what designers bring to business, but that they don’t quite know what it is. If that tends to describe you as well, take a few minutes and watch the video.

And while I’m mentioning resources worth checking out, there a fairly new blog that examines innovation, creativity and design. Take a look at Campell on Branding and Innovation: Observations, insights and musing on marketing and design-centered thinking. Campbell is a design student with corporate experience. Looks like this blog is one worth following.

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