All students entering Field Practicum will be required to attend a Field Orientation prior to the beginning of the semester; dates to follow.
Use this form if you will be starting your advanced MSW placement in the upcoming academic period. If you do not see a confirmation of your submission at the end of the application, please review your entries to be sure you have not skipped a question.
  • Part I: General Information

  • If your address changes prior to the start of your field practicum please notify the field office as soon as possible.
  • Program Status

    For any additional questions, please review your course grid. Your course grid will indicate which semesters you should be in a field practicum This Advanced Year application is for entering courses 8187/8188.
  • Academic History

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Disability Resource Services

    If you are in need of an accommodation, please make an appointment with a coordinator in the Disability Resources and Services Department. DRS will collaborate with you and the Office of Field Education to coordinate necessary access and accommodations in these types of field experiences. Once you are assigned to a staff member in the Office of Field Education, please contact them as well as your DRS coordinator in order to begin planning for an accessible experience.
  • Transportation

  • Availability for Field

    *Please review the COVID-19 Update Tab on this portal for more information regarding approved reduction of hours for Fall/Spring 2021-22 field practicum.
  • Placement Options

    Pick one option below for the placement process to start.
  • Field Department Placement Options

    A Field Education Specialist will be assigned to locate a placement for your upcoming year based on the application. Student must have two full days or 3 half days available during the weekday to be eligible for this option.
    Student must have two full days or 3 half days available during the weekday (Monday-Friday) to be eligible for this option
  • Employment-based Option

    For students who would like to complete a field placement at their place of employment, the Employment Based-Proposal will also be required.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Student Self-referral Option

    A student can independently contact an agency to solicit their own field placement including making inquiries to determine if an agency is interested in a student intern. Students who want to intern at a specific agency or who only have evening/weekend availability are required to complete a Self-Referral. The student will be partnered with a staff member from the Office of Field Education to discuss the individual plan further. The Self-Referral Form, completed in addition to the Field application, will be due before this plan can be confirmed.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Part II: Clearances

  • The Office of Field Education mandates that all students obtain the maximum clearances required by the state in which the practicum is located, as outlined by CastleBranch system. (Link to apply found in Request your Clearances Section) Each individual agency may request additional clearances for their specific site. You must communicate with your agency directly for guidance around additional clearances required. Obtaining clearances are required for all students going into field practicum courses, including Employment-based students. By initialing here, I acknowledge I am aware that if I do not obtain my clearances prior to the start of my field practicum, I will be dropped from the course and pulled from practicum.
  • Part III: Professional Resume

    (typed or word processed, no more than 3 pages)
  • Max. file size: 7 MB.
  • Part IV: Essay

    Complete an essay of between 500-600 words.
  • Max. file size: 7 MB.
    Compose an essay - between 500-600 words that provides a summary of your interests for your social work education.
  • Signature

  • I understand that the Office of Field Education and the agencies that accept students for placement work closely together to provide me with an opportunity to meet the learning objectives of the field instruction courses in which I enroll and then to evaluate my progress toward meeting them. To this end, field instructors, faculty and field education staff may share information about my written and verbal communication and performance in the placement site. I realize that it is my responsibility to inform the Office of Field Education if I have any reason to believe that a particular placement site is a potential conflict of interest for me.