Field Instructors are asked to adhere to the following:

  • Attend training sessions conducted by the Office of Field Education;
  • Gain familiarity with SSW mission, goals, program objectives and curriculum objectives;
  • Have knowledge and skill in the practice areas in which they agree to supervise;
  • Be ready and available to supervise a student’s practice throughout the academic year, including the provision of on-going assessment and evaluation;
  • Prepare for a student’s entry into an agency, including orientation to the agency’s policies and procedures, HIPPA requirements, student’s responsibilities within the agency, and a beginning practice assignment for the student;
  • Collaborate with student in fulfilling the field education requirements of SSW (e.g. assist in development of learning contracts, review process recordings/ practice reflections, provide weekly supervision and regular feedback, and complete evaluations);
  • Provide a minimum of one hour a week of supervision which will engage student in applying, identifying and reviewing social work skills, theories and models;
  • Acknowledge the student’s status as an intern and identification of the student as such to agency personnel and clients;
  • Collaborate with the Field Liaison to enhance the student’s educational experience in the internship.