Day 4

Saturday, September 11

9am CST/3pm BST (60 min)

1A. Fiction: Character, Imperialism, Pedagogy

  • Erica Haugtvedt, “The Evolution of Transfictional Character through Periodical Parts”
  • Leslee Thorne-Murphy, Cosenza Hendrickson, Alex Malouf, Elizabeth Condie, and Daniel Daw, “Evolving Pedagogy: Teaching Victorian Literature with Periodical Short Fiction”

Chair: Troy Bassett

1B. Illustration and Visualization

  • Alison Hedley, “The Evolution of Data Visualization in Popular Victorian Print: Findings of the Graphical Materials Project”
  • Madeline Gangnes, “Detection Drawn: Taxonomizing illustrated Periodical Detective Stories”
  • Michelle Reynolds, “Aubrey Beardsley to Ethel Reed: The Visual Evolution of the New Woman in The Yellow Book
  • Anne Anderson, “Fearful Consequences through the Laws of Natural Selection and Evolution: Punch, the Aesthetes and Degeneration”

Chair: Alison Hedley

15 minute break

10:15 CST/4:15pm BST (60 min)

2B. Evolutions in Editorship

  • Anne Stapleton, “‘Edited and Published by Ladies’: The Waverly Journal and The Englishwoman’s Review under Eleanor Duckworth’s Leadership”
  • Julie Sorge Way, “Female Editorial Evolutions: Mrs. Beeton at the Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine
  • Matthew Smith, “Henry Morley’s editorship of The Examiner: literary critical professionalization, institutional transition, and the problems of progress”
  • Kathryn Ledbetter, “The Delicate Task of Sub-Editing: Edmund Yates, Charles Thomas, and the World

Chair: Marion Grant

2C. The Evolving Practice of Journalism

  • Annemarie McAllister, “The Evolution of William Hoyle”
  • Chris Shoop-Worral, “Interrogating the Political Significance and Legacy of the Late-Victorian New Journalism”

Chair: Solveig Robinson

11:30 CST/5:30 BST (60 min)

Wolff Lecture: Marysa Demoor, “The Revolution of the Specialized Journal: the Case of the Lancet

15 minute break

12:45 CST/6:45 BST (60 min)

4A. International Circulations

  • M. H. Beals, “Mapping Metadata and Chronicling Collections: Reassessing Digitised Newspapers”
  • Paul Fyfe, “Lajos Kossuth and the International Press System”
  • Jennifer Hayward, “Circulating Stories and Settler Colonialism: The Chilean Indian in the British Newspaper Press”

Chair: Sophie van den Elzen

4B. Subversive Voices and Colonialism in Periodicals

  • Sophia Prado Huggins, “Reading in the Shoals: Black West Indian Responses to the Jamaica Slave Rebellion of 1831 in the Anti-Slavery Reporter
  • Tanya Agathocleous and Jason Rudy, “Recombined: Genres of Indian and Australian Anticolonialism”
  • Caroline Bressey, “Circulating Bodies: An African American in Late 19th Century Australia”

Chair: Jasmine Mattey

4C. The Review Process

  • Laurel Brake, “Exeunt, pursued by a bear” Circulation and the Silent Work of the Book Review”
  • Mark Turner, “The Miscellaneity of Reviews”
  • Fionnuala Dillane, “Reviewer as Avatar: Shape-Shifting Subjectivities and Critical Creativity”
  • Samantha Crain, “Early-Victorian Periodicals Learn to Embrace the Novel”

Chair: Julie Codell