Day 3

Friday, September 10

9am CST/3pm BST (60 min)

1A. Niche and Trade Periodicals

  • Ellen Packham, “‘Intimately Connected with the Profession’: The Evolution of Dedicated Engineering Periodicals”
  • Laura Kasson Fiss, Andrew Fiss, and Michelle Jarive-Eggart, “‘Pioneer of the Technical and Trade Press of the World’: Mining Periodicals in the Holdings of Michigan Technological University”
  • Jamie Horrocks, “‘An Organ of Their Own’: Print Trade Journals and the Evolution of Graphic Design Thinking”
  • Anne Rodrick, “The Circulation of Knowledge-Based Culture: The Journal of the Society of Arts, 1852-1870”
  • Jesse Cordes Selbin, “The British Controversialist and the Evolution of ‘Both Sides’”

Chair: Kristin Kondrlik

1B. Revolutionary Periodicals in Circulations: Transnational Anarchism and the Victorian Press

  • Aileen Lichtenstein, “German Anarchist Newspapers at Home and Abroad: Mapping a Transnational Movement through Print Circulations, 1878-1914”
  • Constance Bantman, “Revolutions in Print: The London Series of Le Père Peinard (1894-95) and its Networks”
  • Shaun Pitt, “Evolution and Revolution in Anarchist and ‘New Liberal’ Journalistic Networks (1886-1921)”
  • Lara Green, “The Life and Death of Peter Kropotkin, 1881-1921: Terrorism, the Anarchist Body, and the Russian Revolution in the British Press”

Chair: Clare Stainthorp

15 minute break

10:15 CST/4:15pm BST (60 min)

2A. Primary Sources on 19thC Periodicals

Marysa Demoor, Andrew King, Andrew Hobbs, Lisa Peters

Chair: Mark Turner

2B. Seriality

  • Jessica Terekhov, “‘Publications Received’: Serials and Other Part Issues”
  • Kristin Starkowski, “Circulating Copies: A Digital Approach to Defining ‘Originality’ in the Penny Press”
  • James Mussell, “Trading in Death: Periodicals, Seriality, Ephemerality”
  • Meghan Freeman, “‘Travelling Companions’: Henry James’s European Tour in the American Periodical Press”

Chair: Alison Hedley

2C. Spiritualism/Secularism

  • Claire Stainthorp, “Growing a Revolution: Freethought Dialogue and Debate in the Secular Review/Agnostic Journal
  • Elizabeth Coggin Womack, “The Prayer and Prosperity Narratives of Jabez in The Quiver and Good Words

Chair: Anne DeWitt

15 minute break

11:30 CST/5:30 BST (60 min)

3A. Women’s Labour and/in Periodicals

  • Tara Giddens, “Gendered Spaces in Journalism: Kathleen Coleman’s Portrayal of Women Journalists and the Spaces They Occupied in Fact and Fiction”
  • Sigrid Anderson, “Circulating Labor: Our Sisters Magazine and the Web of Women’s Work”
  • Kaari Newman, “Anxieties of Aunthood in Anglo-American Periodicals”

Chair: Marion Grant

15 minute break

12:45 CST/6:45 BST (60 min)

4A. Materialities of Periodicals

  • Iain Crawford, “Periodicals, Paper, and the End of the ‘Taxes on Knowledge’”
  • Sophie Onorato, “Telegraphing the Franco-Prussian War: Technology, Timeliness and the English Daily Press, 1870-71”
  • Beth Gaskell, “Short but Sweet or Fantastic Failures? Short-lived Newspapers in the 19th Century”
  • Joanne Shattock, “Periodical Writers, Magazine Writers, Newspaper Writers: The Evolving Profession of Journalism”
  • Lydia Craig, “Female Philanthropic Knitting” Lady Harriet Scott’s ‘Grandmother’ Patterns in The Queen

Chair: Marie Léger-St-Jean

4B. Medical Rhetorics

  • Kristin Kondrlik, “Circulating Stories of Leprosy: Eulogies of Father Damien and the Stigmatization of Colonial Leper Colonies in the Victorian Medical Press”
  • Mary Elizabeth Leighton and Lisa Surridge, “From the German Flute to the Trying Hour: Circulating Queen Victoria’s Pregnancy News in the Periodical Press”

Chair: Alison Hedley

4C. Readers of Periodicals

  • Barbara Onslow, “Periodicals: Circulation—or Circulating?”
  • Iona Craig, “Reading Rooms and Periodical Circulation”
  • Anton Kirchofer, “The Athenaeum Club Library Committee Records and the Order of Periodical Discourse: Reflections on Patterns of Participation and Privilege in the Victorian Periodical Market”

Chair: Andrew Hobbs