Day 1

Wednesday, September 8

9am CST/3pm BST (60 min)

1A. Appropriation and Circulation

  • Tamara Kaminsky, “Appropriated Conversations: An Audience with Mary Prince”
  • Kevin King, “Rethinking Lloyd’s Revolution in Popular Literature”
  • Maryam Sikander, “Anglo-Indian ‘Punches’: A Study of Delhi Sketch Book (1850-57)”
  • Priti Joshi, “Disanglicizing and Indigenizing Calcutta’s Review Journals”

Chair: Lara Atkin

1B. Rebels in/of the Press 1

  • Roxanne Covello, “De Quincey’s Political Reporting for Blackwood’s Magazine, 1830-1832”
  • Justin Gilbert and Marie Léger-St-Jean, “Gabriel Alexander and G.W.M. Reynolds: Changing Bylines and the Transatlantic Circulation of Penny-Number Revolutionary William Wallace”
  • Jasper Heeks, “Circulation, Transmission and Digitisation: Researching Overseas Reactions to Australian Larrikins, 1870-1898”
  • Francoise Baillet, “Vox Populi, a Bully that Must Be Put Down” Matt Morgan’s Radical Critique of the Reform League for The Tomahawk, 1867”

Chair: Jennifer Conary

15 minute break

10:15 CST/4:15pm BST (60 min)

2A. Copyright, Circulation and Distribution

  • Jennifer Phegley, “‘Manufacturing’ Cheap Fiction in the Welcome Guest and the Shilling Volume Library: John Maxwell’s Challenges to Copyright Law”
  • Stephan Pigeon, “Transmitting News from the British World: C.F. Moberly Bell in Egypt, 1865-1866”

Chair: Leslie Howsam

2B. Rebels in/of the Press 2

  • Gregory Vargo, “‘Where is the Bulwer of Chartism–where is the Knowles of Democracy?’: Drama in the Chartist Press”
  • Victoria Clarke, “Privilege, Prison, and Publishing: Feargus O’Connor and Richard Oastler in The 1840s Radical Press”
  • Kirstie Blair, “Factory Times: Labour, Union, and the Working-Class Writer in the Factory Times Newspapers”
  • Olivia Krauze, “Engineering Success: W. T. Stead and the First Year of the Review of Reviews

Chair: Andrew Hobbs

15 minute break

11:30 CST/5:30 BST (60 min)

3A. Children’s Periodicals

  • Maria Damkjaer, “Functional Fiction: Narrative Genres and the Dramatized Reader”
  • Michelle Elleray, “Circulating Vessels” The Missionary Ship and the Children’s Magazine” Kristine Moruzi, “Evolution in Children’s Charity”
  • Virginia Zimmerman, “Being Editors: Children’s Periodical Publishing”

Chair: Sigrid Cordell

3B. Detective Fiction and Crime in Periodicals

  • Troy Bassett, “Mysterious Waters: William Russell, Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, and the Popularization of the Detective Story”
  • Susan Johnston and Kathryn Nogue, “‘Something very horrible’: The Agnes Norman Case and the Representation of the Female Serial Murder”
  • Caroline Reitz, “Who Killed Judith Lee? The Strand, the Slaughterhouse and the Angry Female Detective”
  • Mercedes Sheldon, “‘I Shall Fathom This, Come What May’: The Evolution of the Amateur Detective in the Strand Magazine, 1891-1894″

Chair: Clara Clarke

3C. Women Producing Periodicals, Producing Periodicals for Women

  • Eleanor Dumbill, “‘So much admired, so much abused’: Frances Milton Trollope and the New Monthly Magazine”
  • Artemis Alexiou, “The Evolution of Revolutionary Feminist Periodical Design in the 1890s: The masthead of the Women’s Penny Paper
  • Solveig Robinson, “Evolving a Periodical Audience: Growing into Womanhood”

  • Chair: Michelle Reynolds

15 minute Break

12:45 CST/6:45 BST (60 min)

Annual General Meeting