Day 2

Thursday, September 9

9am CST/3pm BST (60 min)

1A. Dickens

  • Katie Holdway, “Appropriation, Authorship, and Anecdote: Pickwick’s Comic Circulation in Newspaper Press 1836-1837”
  • Matthew Poland, “Dickens’s Cheap Edition and the Poetics of Circulation in Dombey and Son
  • Fern Pullan, “Fashioning the Sensation Novel: Cultural Craze or Critical Pariah?

Chair: Lydia Craig

1B. Revolutions and Evolutions of Methodologies

  • John Morton, “1850: A Case for the Single-Year Study in Victorian Periodicals Research”
  • Scott C. Thompson, “Applied Description: Circulating Science and Sensation”
  • Andrea Stewart, “Mapping Multiplicity: The Evolution of the Digital Archive and Network Analysis”
  • Hannah Alford, “British Literary Annuals: Materiality and the Digital Archive”

Chair: Laurel Brake

15 minute break

10:15 CST/4:15pm BST (60 min)

2A. All the Year Round

  • Beth Sherman, “‘Intolerable Bondage’: The Guano Trade, the Islands of Hell and Coolie Labor in All the Year Round and Household Words
  • Elizabeth Anderman, “Revolutionary Masculinity: A Tale of Two Cities on Both Sides of the Atlantic”
  • Jessica Durgan, “All the Year Round and Revolutionary Color”

Chair: Iain Crawford

2B. Periodical Poetry

  • Linda Hughes, “Comic Fixed-Form Poems in Punch and Fun
  • Rebekah Phillips, “May Kendall’s Evolution”
  • Tai-Chun Ho, “The Poet as Fundraiser: Writing Catchpenny Verse in Nineteenth-Century Military Crises”

Chair: Patrick Leary

15 minute break

11:30 CST/5:30 BST (60 min)

Colby Award Presentations

15 minute break

12:45 CST/6:45 BST (60 min)

4B. Evolutionary Rhetoric and Representation

  • Anne DeWitt, “Periodical Poetry and the Question of the Darwinian Revolution”

Chair: Fionnuala Dillane

4C. Making Magazines in Victorian Maker Culture

  • Lorraine Janzen Kooistra, “‘Directly from the hands of the artists’: The Dial as DIY Magazine”
  • Marion Grant, “‘Revolting against “that thunderous clamour of the steam press”’: Pamela Colman Smith, Hand-Coloring, and The Green Sheaf
  • Alexis Easley, “The Illuminated Page: Periodical Poetry and Mid-Victorian Women’s Scrapbooks”

Chair: Michelle Reynolds

The live portion of the panel will include a DIY digital scrapbook activity.