Revolution(s), Evolution(s), Circulation(s)

Dear Conference Attendees,

Welcome to the 2021 Research Society for Victorian Periodicals conference hosted at Temple University. We look forward to many lively and engaging conversations over the next few days.

Each day (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4), click the desired panel title to login with the password provided when you registered and join a Zoom session at the designated time (“Join the Zoom session here”). Please review the How-To Guide for detailed instructions. Please feel free to join the “break room” in between sessions if you would like to socialize with fellow conference-goers. You can enter this space here.

If you encounter any technical difficulties, please send a text message to +1 215-629-6773, clearly stating the session for which you require support.

Thank you for joining us,

Jennifer Phegley
RSVP President