Philosophy Mentor Program

The Philosophy Mentor Program (PMP) is a student led initiative designed to bring together the graduate and undergraduate communities in the Temple Philosophy Department. The PMP provides undergraduate philosophy majors with graduate student mentors who work closely with them for the period of one year (open to extension). Some of the benefits of this program include the opportunity for undergraduates to learn from more advanced students, to see what graduate student life is like, to be professionalized to a limited extent, and to seek out help from people who have some degree of expertise and yet are not as daunting as a professor might be. Most importantly, the PMP seeks to facilitate a more engaged and friendly department climate.

After beginning as a brand new program in the fall of 2015, the Philosophy Mentor Program has become a popular and successful student led initiative at Temple. In the 2017-2018 school year, nearly twenty percent of the undergraduate community, and over a quarter of the graduate community were actively involved. As a result, we have seen an increase in undergraduate presence and participation in events like WIPS, MAPS, invited lectures, and job hires.

The current facilitators of the PMP are:

Jason Cutmore –
Max Engleman –