Placement Record

Graduate students work closely with their advisors, the Director of Graduate Studies, and the Placement Director to prepare for the job market. The Placement Director runs two job market workshops every year, which all graduate students are encouraged to attend, and supports candidates who are on the job market. Our recent Ph.D.s, going back 8 years, are listed below. The placement information is, to our knowledge, accurate. To make updates, please email us at


Moonyoung Hwang

Emotion is a Network with Multiple Components

Advisor: Jerry Vision

Ziqian Zhang

3-year Post-doc, Sun Yat-sen University, 2022-2024

Malebranche’s Theodicy for Natural Evils

Advisor: Colin Chamberlain


Dan DalMonte

Adjunct Professor

Transcendental Idealism as a Framework for Agent-Causal Libertarianism

Advisor: Lara Ostaric

Jake Jackson

University of Pennsylvania, Lecturer

Epistemically Adrift: Mood Disorders and Navigating Responsibility

Advisor: Miriam Solomon


Katie Brennan

Temple University, Assistant Professor of Instruction, 2021-present

Morgan State University, Lecturer, 2019-2020

Nietzsche on Suffering, Affirmation, and Modern Tragedy

Advisor: Kristin Gjesdal

Brian Land

High School Math Teacher

Function and Goodness in the Work of Philippa Foot

Advisor: David Wolfsdorf

Julie Ragatz

Nationwide Financial, Assistant Vice President

The Eclipse of Institutionalism? An Investigation into the Formation of Consensus Around Neoclassical Economies in the 1950s

Advisor: Miriam Solomon


José Luis Fernández

Fairfield University and Metropolitan College, Adjunct Instructor

Kant’s Propletic Philosophy of History: The World Well-Hoped

Advisor: Espen Hammer

Carmen Fosner

Rowan University, Adjunct Instructor

Infinitism, Skepticism, and the Regress Problem

Advisor: Gerald Vision

Thomas Whaling

Being Thought and Thinking Being in Hegel’s Science of Logic

Advisor: Espen Hammer



Justin Fugo

Assistant Professor–Instructional, Intellectual Heritage, Temple University

Being ‘The Veil of Race-Neutrality’: Sharing Responsibility for Racial Justice and Cultivating Democratic Equality of Difference

Advisor: Espen Hammer


Brad Elicker

Rowan University, Adjunct Instructor

The Mediated Nature of Literature: Exploring the Artistic Signifiance of the Visible Text

Advisor: Joseph Margolis

Rachel Falkenstern

St. Francis College, New York, Assistant Professor

Hegel’s Theory of Tragic Heroes: The Historical Progress of Subjectivity

Advisor: Kristin Gjesdal

Jeremy Millington

University of the Arts, Adjunct Instructor

An Ethics of Engaging with Art: From Criticism to Conversation

Advisor: Joseph Margolis

Ben White

University College, Dublin, Assistant Professor

Previous Position: University of Pennsylvania, Adjunct Instructor

Mind-Body Dualism and Mental Causation

Advisor: Gerald Vision


Oscar Barragán

University of Southern California, Lecturer

Rowan University, Online Instructor of Philosophy

The Puzzling Nature of Material Objects: A Study of Co-Location

Advisor: Gerald Vision

Erum Naqvi

The Pratt Institute NY, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Comparative Ontology and Iranian Classical Music

Advisor: Philip Alperson



Andrea Baldini

Nanjing University School of Arts, Nanjing, China, Associate Professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory

Public Art: A Critical Approach

Advisor: Joseph Margolis

Patrick Denehy

Drexel University, Adjunct Instructor

The Space of Motivations

Advisor: Espen Hammer

Jina Fast

West Chester University, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies 

Engendering Subjectivity: A Study in the Philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir

Advisor: Lewis Gordon

Qrescent Mason

Haverford College, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Previous Position: Berea College, Assistant Professor of Gender Studies 

An Ethical Disposition Toward the Erotic: The Early Autobiographical Writings of Simone de Beauvoir and Black Feminist Philosophy

Advisor: Lewis Gordon


Lior Levy

Haifa University, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Memory in the Early Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre

Advisor: Lewis Gordon